Submissions from 2018

Psychopharmacology: Psychologists as Prescribers and Collaborators. Exploring Opportunities for Psychologists to Provide High-quality Psychopharmacological Care From a Fundamentally Different Perspective, Paula Neuman Ed.D., PsyD, HSPP

Submissions from 2015


Delineation of candidate genes responsible for structural brain abnormalities in patients with terminal deletions of chromosome 6q27., Sirisha Peddibhotla, Sandesh C S Nagamani, Ayelet Erez, Jill V Hunter, J Lloyd Holder, Mary E Carlin, Patricia I Bader, Helene M F Perras, Judith E Allanson, Leslie Newman, Gayle Simpson, LaDonna Immken, Erin Powell, Aaron Mohanty, Sung-Hae L Kang, Pawel Stankiewicz, Carlos A Bacino, Weimin Bi, Ankita Patel, and Sau W Cheung


Neonatal Body Composition: Measuring Lean Mass as a Tool to Guide Nutrition Management in the Neonate., Melissa Rice MD and Christina J Valentine

Submissions from 2012


Revising a medication education program on an inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric unit., Carmen M Eisenmann