Implementation of home-based medication order entry at a community hospital



The implementation of a home-based order-entry program at a community hospital is described.


Parkview Hospital is a 600-bed, community-based facility located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that provides 24-hour pharmacyservices. The main purpose for establishing a home-based order-entry program was to provide extra pharmacist coverage during the event of a spontaneous order surge in an effort to maintain excellent customer service. A virtual private network (VPN) was created to ensure the security and confidentiality of patients' health care information. The names of volunteer pharmacists who met specific criteria and who were capable of performing home-based order entry were collected. These pharmacists were trained and tested in the home-based order-entry process. When home-based order-entry is needed, the lead pharmacist contacts the pharmacists on the list by telephone. If available, the pharmacists (maximum of three) are notified to log into the Internet, access the VPN, and perform order entry with the same vigilance, confidentiality, and care as they would onsite. Home-based order entry is discontinued when off-trigger points are met. Pharmacists entering orders from home are paid by the time spent conducting order entry. Pharmacists reported that the program was easy to contact home-based order-entry volunteers, there were no problems with logging into the VPNs, and turnaround time was close to our target of 25 minutes.


A community-based hospital successfully implemented a home-based medication order-entry program. The program alleviated the shortage of pharmacists during spontaneous surges of medication orders.

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