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“The research reported on this poster was supported by Parkview Health, Indiana University School of Medicine, and Aging & In-Home Services of NE Indiana. The investigators retained full independence in the conduct of this research”


The Fall Prevention Clinic was established 4 years ago as an outpatient service within a community hospital.  The patient completes a series of two appointments after a physician referral is received • 1st Visit – Composed of evaluation by a multi-disciplinary team: Neurologist (Neuro),RN Care Advisor (RN), Physical Therapist (PT), Pharmacist (RPh), Occupational Therapist (OT), and Aging & In-Home Services (AIHS) • 2nd Visit – Provides personalized recommendations to the patient and family members from each team member  Patients are instructed to call the clinic and report any falls and are contacted by RN at 1 month intervals to discuss patient status, care plan compliance, and further recommendations  Follow up with patient occurs every 6 months  Total of 590 patients age 65 years or above were included in this study.

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