Bridging the gap: Palliative care integration into survivorship care.


As the number of cancer survivors grows, there is an increasing need for comprehensive care to address the unique physical, psychological, and social needs of this population. Palliative care (PC) integration within survivorship care offers a promising model of care, however, there is no comprehensive review of literature to guide clinical practice. This manuscript presents a scoping review of the research literature on models of care that integrate PC with survivorship care, as well as a detailed description of an exemplar clinical model. We identified 20 articles that described various models of survivorship care with integrated PC, highlighting the diversity of approaches and the multidisciplinary nature of interventions. Few studies reported outcomes but those that did demonstrated improvements in pain, self-efficacy, depression, function, and documentation of advance care planning. The evidence base remains limited, indicating the need for further research in this area with a focus on exploring outcomes using prospective experimental designs. Future clinical practice and research should explore sustainable payment models and the implementation of integrated survivorship care in value-based payment systems.

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Current problems in cancer