Tumor Angiogenesis and the Role of Paracrine Mediators: Molecular Basis of Oncology


Chapter: Tumor Angiogenesis and the Role of Paracrine Mediators

Summary: "Designed for the non-scientist, this volume, Molecular Basis of Oncology, explores the exciting new applications of molecular biology to cancer care. Especially important are the ability to make an early diagnosis using genetic markers and the knowledge of tumor biology giving hope for cure. The most exciting changes have been in prostate, colon, lung and breast cancer, and leukemia which are all covered here in an accessible format for the clinician with all the complex terminology and techniques explained and the findings put into clinical perspective." "The book crosses interface between molecular biology and clinical medicine; explores new screening, diagnosis, and treatment possibilities; and begins with an overview for non-experts then progresses to specific clinical diseases where molecular biology has been of use in diagnosis and management."

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