Poster Presented at the Nursing Research Symposium, 2022


At Parkview Health System, a gap in peripheral IV (PIV) insertion education was identified. • PIV insertion is not a curriculum priority in nursing school. • In practice, IV insertion needs to be completed in a timely manner to avoid care delays. • An aversion to starting PIVs, by new and seasoned nurses, create unique barriers to PIV insertion. • Experienced nurses may not be well versed in placing IVs due to the availability of a hospital IV team. To close the experience complexity gap and incorporate all learning styles, the Vascular Access Services (VAS) team at Parkview Health created a new concept PIV class. The class offers opportunities to visualize the material, listen to certified expert presenters, practice with the equipment hands on, and place an IV on a hospital patient with expert help and supervision.


Initial Goals: - Increase confidence and empower bedside staff to evaluate current IV access for appropriate location and function - Encourage staff to assess patients' veins - Encourage staff to attempt to obtain IV access when needed

Secondary Goals: - Increase the trust and connection between clinical staff and the VAS team - See a decrease in requests for simple IV starts

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