Poster Presented at the Nursing Research Symposium 2022.

Background: Parkview Warsaw is a free-standing emergency care facility that does not offer obstetrical (OB) services. Pregnant patients often present to this facility requiring fetal and maternal assessment. The only option for assessing fetal well-being is to verify fetal heart tones with a hand-held doppler used by the nurse or emergency room (ER) physician/PA. The patients could then be cleared medically and transferred by ambulance to Parkview Whitley for additional fetal monitoring in the OB unit.

The objective of this project was to provide assessment by a trained OB nurse to verify fetal well-being and maternal stability while awaiting transport and/ or to eliminate the need for transport altogether.

Methodology: An electronic fetal monitor was purchased for the ER and remote monitoring capability was established between both Parkview Warsaw and Parkview Whitley.

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