Poster Presented at the Nursing Research Symposium 2022.

Palliative care is comfort care aimed at relieving pain and symptoms caused by a serious illness, regardless of the patient’s prognosis, age, or stage of disease. (Yoost & Crawford, 2020) The problem is that there are often multiple factors that act as barriers to the integration of palliative care. What are those factors, and how can we overcome them to ensure positive patient outcomes? This literature review summarizes previous research and the suggestions for improving the understanding of palliative care by patients and providers. There are common themes among the articles selected for review, and the main points include a lack of understanding from both patients and providers of what palliative care is, as well as the need for education to overcome the negative connotation associated with palliative care. Education for patients, families, and staff is a key component in helping everyone understand what palliative care is and how it can be used as an additional tool to help patients get through their illness.

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