Center for Healthcare Innovation: Developing New Clinical Solutions


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The Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation goal is to foster innovation in healthcare with an idea that its most significant innovation should result in commercialized products of global significance, to perform research that documents the improvements resulting from innovative approaches to patient care and to be a Midwestern center of clinical excellence in learning through simulation.

As the largest employer in northeast Indiana, Parkview is also invested in cultivating the economic development of new companies in the healthcare sector. The staff at the Innovation Center works with local entrepreneurs and Parkview coworkers to develop their designs, test their products and grow their brand. Using a multi-disciplinary team approach, Parkview's Innovation Center brings together innovation, simulation and research to produce transformative solutions in healthcare. Video Innovative Solutions to COVID-19 Supply Demands here: https://www.parkview.com/locations/mirro-center-for-research-and-innovation/center-for-healthcare-innovation

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Summer 2020

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