Assessment in Pediatric Psychology Consultation-Liaison


Part of the Issues in Clinical Child Psychology book series (ICCP)


Assessment is a fundamental component of pediatric psychology practice that requires flexibility in its application to consultation-liaison (CL) services. In contrast to comprehensive psychological evaluations, assessment in the CL context focuses on specific behaviors/symptoms related to the referral question, with the intent of enhancing formulations, guiding intervention, and informing treatment planning. This chapter describes specific applications of psychological assessment to the pediatric CL setting. Tables are provided as a reference guide for commonly used assessment tools. Special considerations for assessment in a pediatric CL context include time to administer, score, and interpret assessments; billing processes; follow-up and coordination with medical providers; and referrals for comprehensive psychological evaluations. A case illustration is provided demonstrating the value of psychological assessment for a child experiencing challenges with health behaviors, mood concerns, and adherence to medical recommendations.

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Clinical Handbook of Psychological Consultation in Pediatric Medical Settings

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