Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider Issue 8

Compiled by Bharat Bajantri, MD, and librarian Sarah Ellsworth, MLS for the clinicians of the Pulmonary and Critical Care team of Parkview.

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider newsletter was created by Dr. Bharat Bajantri, MD and Sarah Ellsworth, MLS in 2023 as a form of current awareness for current practice at our hospital, Parkview Health. The content resides within critical care and pulmonary related topics and this information is compiled into four main formats.

  1. Original Study Summaries: New research publications are read, reviewed, then concisely summarized for clinical interpretation with professional perspectives.
  2. Viewpoints: Editorial clinical perspective pieces on current practices. This includes mini-reviews.
  3. Snapshots: Quick reference of updated clinical practice or guidance.
  4. Contributions: Relevant submissions from other professionals.

All content in Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider is reviewed and referenced by healthcare and library professionals. Information provided is intended to disseminate new information and encourage best practices through perspective and discussion.



VIEWPOINTS- Steroids in the ICU- Septic Shock, ARDS, and Severe CAP

ORIGINAL STUDY SUMMARIES: Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) Are we looking at the wrong outcomes?

ORIGINAL STUDY SUMMARY & PERSPECTIVE First.... Do NO HARM with PPI! "Despite generally favorable safety profiles, extended PPI use has been linked to heightened risks of serious complications"

Being Well While Doing Well - Distinguishing Necessary from Unnecessary Discomfort in Training (Graduate Medical Education Corner)

Key ACLS Best Practice Recommendations 2024

SNAPSHOTS: COPD- Beat it with Beets!

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