Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider Issue 7

Compiled by Bharat Bajantri, MD, and librarian Sarah Ellsworth, MLS for the clinicians of the Pulmonary and Critical Care team of Parkview.

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider newsletter was created by Dr. Bharat Bajantri, MD and Sarah Ellsworth, MLS in 2023 as a form of current awareness for current practice at our hospital, Parkview Health. The content resides within critical care and pulmonary related topics and this information is compiled into four main formats.

  1. Original Study Summaries: New research publications are read, reviewed, then concisely summarized for clinical interpretation with professional perspectives.
  2. Viewpoints: Editorial clinical perspective pieces on current practices. This includes mini-reviews.
  3. Snapshots: Quick reference of updated clinical practice or guidance.
  4. Contributions: Relevant submissions from other professionals.

All content in Pulmonary & Critical Care Insider is reviewed and referenced by healthcare and library professionals. Information provided is intended to disseminate new information and encourage best practices through perspective and discussion.




2023 GUIDELINE FOR ATRIAL FIBRILLATION MANAGEMENT: Regularly regular superseded Irregularly irregular!

ANTICOAGULATION FOR TRANSIENT SUBCLINICAL ATRIAL FIBRILLATION: Benefits outweigh the risks... Does not really mean Benefits outweigh the risks!

ORIGINAL STUDY SUMMARIES: Initiation of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Versus Intermittent Hemodialysis in Critically Ill Patients with Severe Acute Kidney Injury: A Secondary Analysis of STARRT AKI Trial.

ORIGINAL STUDY SUMMARIES: Blood Eosinophil-guided Oral Prednisolone for COPD Exacerbations in Primary Care in the UK (STARR2): A Non Inferiority, Multicentre, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Randomised Controlled Trial.

ORIGINAL STUDY SUMMARY & PERSPECTIVE: Providing Cleaning Recommendations for Positive Airway Pressure Devices Afterall, CPAP does not really need to be so clean! : Written by Bharat Bajantri, MD in collaboration with Srinivasan Devanathan, MD and Manuel Martinez, MD


How many steps a day can really be healthy? Not 10,000. (step count and cardiovascular outcomes)

WEANSAFE says it's safe to wean: BE BRAVE! (weaning from mechanical ventilation)

Somethings we do wrong , b ut cannot do it right either! Can we try harder? (ph levels)

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