Engagement of ICD Patients: Direct Electronic Messaging of Remote Monitoring Data via a Personal Health Record


Cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED) are critical for the detection of abnormal heart rhythm events. Historically, patients have made routine visits to the clinic for device checks and monitoring. Remote monitoring, however, can detect

While studies have demonstrated the value of transmitting data from remotely monitored ICDs into EHRs,4to our knowledge, no research exists on delivering data directly to patients. Parkview Research Center, Parkview Physicians Group-Cardiology (PPG-diology), St. Jude Medical, and NoMoreClipboard, LLC have worked together to deliver detailed information to patients and to address the three primary barriers facing patient access to data.

wenty-one patients were enrolled in January through March 2014, and followed over 3 months. Upon enrollment, patients registered for a NoMoreClipboard PHR account updated with a Patient Notification Summary widget. During the initial study visit, the study coordinator manually exported patients’ most recent transmission in Merlin.net, so that patients could view the Patient Notification Summary and full data report in their newly acquired PHR. Patients were shown how to access their Patient Notification Summary and given a baseline survey to assess patient engagement and their attitudes regarding their current way of receiving information about their ICD and the potential to receive more information. Patient engagement was assessed using the Patient Activation Measure (PAM).

The interviews revealed that patients appreciate having access to this information, and the majority of patients would like further education regarding the information on the Summary and detailed report. Although the interest in more information is abundant, some patients would prefer to just receive a simple overall status update and not have so much information. For a deeper discussion of the technical aspects of the study, please reference our recent publication.

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