Study Design: Case report

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to report the steps towards developing a single number Value Metric that represents both the quality and cost of clinical care for outpatient therapy that can be used in real time.

Background: As healthcare continues to move towards value-based and risk-based reimbursement, it is imperative that leaders in outpatient therapy settings understand and can quantify the value of the services that therapists provide.

Methods and Measures: This study proposes a Value Metric to quantify value in outpatient therapy using existing quality and cost data. The Value Metric was then validated through comparison of existing leader value rankings of those therapists.

Results: The Value Metric, calculated using existing quality and cost data, was consistent with existing leader rankings on perceived therapist value. The equation demonstrated an adequate affirmation of our Value Metric concept to quantify value.

Conclusion: The proposed equation for quantifying value in outpatient therapy was effective and useful to reflect the quality and cost of clinical practice. We were confident moving from proof of concept to developing a system for real-time evaluation while continuing to evaluate utility of concept. This equation can be utilized in outpatient therapies to shift metrics centered on cost to a metric focused on value.

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