Research Letter: The impact of heart failure (HF) on patients, physicians, and hospital systems remains despite recent successes in pharmacologic and device-based treatments. Chronic HF represents one of the nation’s top health issues, leading to reduced patient quality of life, increased risks of hospitalization, increased health care utilization, and high incidence of patient morbidity and mortality. Titration of guideline directed medical therapy and prevention of HF hospitalizations have been identified as key targets in the management of HF. Remote monitoring provides the opportunity to address both issues and has gained significant momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. Device-based solutions to manage HF remotely, such as CardioMEMS and Boston Scientific HeartLogic, have demonstrated promise for the prevention of HF hospitalizations but are invasive and expensive. A noninvasive system for remote HF monitoring for easy at-home use, Audicor RPM has recently received a FDA Breakthrough Device designation.

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JACC: Basic to Translational Science

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