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Park Views May-June 1960 Topics:

  • Practical Nurses Begin Training
  • Radio is Gift of Lions Club
  • Pediatrics Dept. Nurses Benefited
  • Employees' Picnic
  • Service Awards Given
  • Attendance Records
  • White Cross News
  • Comic on the "Hospital Visitor" (Smoke Screen Schmoe)

Photographs with names:

Cover: Philip Wasson

First Class of Practical Nursing Students: Mrs. Janet Fritz, Mrs. Helen Alexander, Miss Ester Brueck, Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett, Mrs. Mallie Craig, Mrs. Barbara Fruechtenicht, Mrs. Verna Smith, Miss Eva Brooks, Mrs. Betty Funck

Lions Club: Tony Competti, Herman Armstrong, Mrs. Margot Kayer, Stanley R. Nelson

Pediatrics: Mrs. Florence Schafer, Miss Marie Kolter,

Pediatrics: Mrs. Edmund Sembroski, Mrs. Tom Goulaff, Patrica Schindeldecker, Mrs. Howard Dennis

Employee Picnic Cluster: David Perry, Don Wasson, Lana Baker, Lucille Morris

Awards: Harold McMillen, Jennie Welshimer

Awards: Stanley R. Nelson, Irene McConnell, Bob McConnell

Council Officers: Mrs. Val Waggoner, Mrs. Dean Trainer, Mrs. W.O. Hughs, Mrs. Ralph Westrick, Mrs. Ralph Doctor, Mrs. Harry Cole, Mrs. Nelson McClurg, Mrs. Harry Magner, Mrs. Kenneth Richards, Mrs. Henry Reidenbach, Mrs. Gerald Botteron, Mrs. A. Paul Striaght

White Cross: Bob Robinson, Ruth Cook, Mary Heymann

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Practical Nurses, Radio, Lions Club, Toys, Employee Picnic, White Cross, Service Awards


Medicine and Health Sciences

Park Views May-June 1960